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Large ball screw for linear motion systemss

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Ball screw 1616 for linear motion systems

Our advantage

Screwtech stands out with customized service; flexible production; short delivery and reasonable cost.

High quality and reliability: We are the professional manufacturer in China for precision ball screw,precision mini ball screw,precision lead screw with more than 10 years' OEM experience!

Warranty :1 year,and we always receive favourable comment from our customers.

Competitive price: We are factory that can export directly to customer. so there is no intermediary cost involved.&Price is much cheaper than other brand.

Customized service:Full types are available upon request.

Our Ball Screw Key Features

1. High mechanical efficiency

2. Low noise

3. Accuracy grade of C3, C5

4. Long service life

5. Good synchronism

7. Reliable quality

6. Factory supply

Specification for ball screw 1616

Product name Ball Screw
Model  CSNF1616
Diameter 16mm
Lead(Pitch) 16mm
Thread length 510 mm
Shaft length 620 mm
Thread  Right hand
Material  GCR15
Production Technology By grinding
Feature High reliable and high speed
Notes:Left hand, right hand, right and left hand all available(click to view more)

The standard model for bi-directional ball screw in stock

Note: Other sizes,and nut shapes are available upon request !!

The characteristic of ball-screw pair

The ball screw drive system is a rolling screw drive system, in which the ball acts as the rolling medium. There are two drive modes:

(1) transform rotary motion into linear motion. (2) transform linear motion into rotary motion.

Ball Screw Features

1. High transfer efficiency

Balls with free motion in the ball screw assembly transfer the force and motion between screw and nut. This transfer mode replaces the traditional transfer mode that screw shaft and nut effect directly. Therefore the minimum rolling friction takes place of the sliding friction of traditional screw. The transfer efficiency of ball screw will reach more than 90%. The drive torque of transfer unit reduces to 1/3 of sliding screw. This also reduces the heat release largely.

2. High positioning accuracy

Ball screw has low heat release, small temperature increase and with actions of pre-stretch and eliminating axial clearance in the process, which make ball screw have high positioning accuracy and repeating positioning accuracy.

3. Reversibility

Ball screw has not sticky friction like sliding screw. It clears crawl which may exists during transfer. Ball screw can achieve two transfer modes - from rotary motion to linear motion and from linear motion to rotary motion, and transfer momentum.

4. Long service life

Since the strict control of ball screw groove shapes, surface hardness and material selection, the actual life of ball screw is much longer than sliding screw.

5. Good synchronization

Due to smooth running, axial clearance elimination and consistency in manufacture, several sets of ball screw assembly can drive the same unit or several identical parts to obtain the good synchronization

Ball Screw circulation mode

Our Ball Screw series

1.Miniature ball screw

2.Left hand ball screw

3.Bi-directional ball screw

4.Stainless steel ball screw

5.Customized ball screw


1.Specification of M-ISNF series( standard model, fast delivery 7-15 days)

2.Specification for M-ISNA series

3.Specification of M-ISNC series

Other types and shapes are available upon request

Our ball screw series:

Miniature Dia. : Ø 4 ~ 16 mm

Some unique models such as 0401, 0602 , 1210,1404 and so on.

Nominal Diameter: Ø 4 ~ 32 mm

Nut type: Standard or customized.

Customized item, lead time: 30 days at most

Processing technology:by grinding

Accuracy grade:C3 C5

Thread Direction : Right ; Left ; Bi-directional

Material: Gcr15 or stainless steel

You can use our own brand or we design and produce customized products as per your requirement.

Why choose us ?

1. The unique and professional manufacturer for ball screw in China

Screwtech designs, manufactures a large array of ball screws:

a.Standard ball screw:M-ISNF flange nut ball screw; M-ISNA,M-ISNC round nut without flange ball screw.

b.Customized ball screw,miniature ball screw, large diameter ball screw, high helix ball screw.

c.Ball screw thread direction: right hand, left hand, bi-directional thread ball screw.

d.Material:Gcr15, stainless steel

e:Surface coating:black oxide, T/e/f/l/o/n, PTFE etc..

2. Processing a number of distributors in China locally:

Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai ,Shandong, Tianjin

3 Quality control

1).We have QC department to control quality for each step.

2).We also have Automatic product equipments(German Chiron FZ15W ,DMG MORI MAX3000 Machining Centers )

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